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We Sell and Find Homes for Sale Vancouver Washington!

Homes for sale Vancouver WAWelcome to the Lynn Realtor website! Your visit to our site is appreciated. Hi I’m Lynn, the owner and Broker of Record here at Lynn Realtor. A little about myself: I started my real estate career about twenty-eight years ago at the Small Town agency on the west side of this city. During my early days as a sales associate, I was able to complete degree programs in Business Administration, Finance and Marketing while keeping abreast of real estate laws and guidelines via my continuing education courses. I obtained my broker’s license after five years with Small Town realty and went on to start my own agency near the downtown area north of where Small Town realty is located. We specialize in homes and houses for sale in Vancouver WA.

Why we are the best house selling agency in Vancouver

Real estate agencies are no different than any other business when they learn of a more effective or advanced method with which to advertise, promote and market their services. They, too, wish to take advantage of such methods in order to make their services available to a larger audience, as well as to better serve their clients. Such an effective and advanced marketing method (or resource) was made popular by the “dot-com” boom in the nineteen-nineties decade, and was enhanced by the addition of an aptly-named creation known as the World Wide Web during that same decade.

Since then Internet use has grown rapidly and many agents have entered this marketplace by way of a blog or website platform like WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Weebly, or other such easy-to-use system with which they are able to create a “site” themselves. A typical real estate agent’s website might consist of a “Home” page, an “About Us” page, and a number of blog posts/pages or articles relating to the real estate industry, or a particular localized community. While the “Home” (“Landing”) page might be the first a visitor will see, the “About Us” page provides important information about the site owner.

Information on Lynn Realtor

The Lynn Realtor agency has been providing real estate services to the VCWA community for over twenty five years, during which time the agency has developed a reputation for honesty, integrity, and the highest level of professionalism. However, this reputation did not come easy; it required a lot of work, time and patience; but more importantly, it required getting things done the right way; and we’re proud of this accomplishment. We have, and still do, adhere to the guiding principles of real estate law – namely, putting the interests of our clients ahead of our own – and are members in good standing of the community we serve for over twenty-five years. We will treat you fairly and with the respect you deserve asd a prospective buyer or home seller.

Information on real estate in Vancouver WA

Homes in Vancouver vary in style from Victorian style and bungalows in the old city area, to tract housing and rambler homes in town, and larger homes in the outer sections of the city. According to Trulia, the real estate website, “The median sales price for homes in Vancouver WA for Apr 14 to Jul 14 was $225,000 based on 1,005 home sales. Compared to the same period one year ago, the median home sales price increased 5%, or $10,750, and the number of home sales decreased 14.4%.” These statistics indicate an upward swing in Vancouver home values, but decreasing home sales activity.